When I wanted comic timing and great delivery, Doug delivered on the spot and under pressure. He understood what I wanted, was easy to work with and made us laugh.
— JACK NEWELL, Director, ONION LABS, Second City HRFS
I needed a voice over talent for an animated piece. Doug went above and beyond and delivered several full reads in a number of different styles that helped sell the client. He has great energy with great quality of speech and delivery.
— MIKE CULLY Sr. Creative Director Group C Solutions
“Doug Schuetz brings real acting to voice acting. He puts all of his considerable stage and screen talent behind the microphone. Always prepared, Doug is a joy to work with in the studio.”
— MARC CASHMAN Voiceover Pro
Doug is a calming voice in a sea of noise. His ability to adjust to the immediate demands in today’s television and content landscape are second to none. His responsiveness and adaptability make working with him on any project a treat.
— Seth Fader Video Documentary Producer
Doug is easy going and produces professional VO work. He is fun to work with.
— Phil Gayter Branding Pro
Doug is an actor that puts in the work and goes above and beyond expectations. He tackled his role with versatility and wonderful insight. I would work with him again.
Doug was a pleasure to work with – flexible, fun, and a team player! The piece called for a lot of silliness and Doug delivered.
— ALEX BUNKE 3 Ton Group
Doug knows how to create a character, bring something to that character that I never would have thought of, and makes it unforgettable.
— Michael Damiani Green Fields Media